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  • The absolute ultimate Extreme Enduro FIM Tyre. This tyre is the latest edition in the Mitas Extreme Enduro range, the Super Soft, distinguishable from the normal Extreme Tyre by the double green bands around its circumference. Ultimate grip is offered in the most extreme conditions, the tyre is Super Soft and not designed for high speed racing. Erzburg, Romaniacs, Roof of Africa, all of the super hard events where skilful use of throttle is...
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  • This Ice-Soft front tyre has a supple carcus and soft rubber compound. Originally designed for studding in harsh winter conditions but has proven to be fantastic over extreme wet, rocky terrain, identified with a white band. Note: This tyre is not Road Legal and not designed for high speed racing but for precise slow technical terrain
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  • A new front tyre from Mitas replacing the popular C17 dakar which has now been discontinued. The tread compound is optimised for braking and precision steering. This tyre is a serious desert performer and designed for hard packed rocky conditions but also suitable for intermediate type terrain. Primarilly for Desert type racing but also for Motcross and Enduro competitons. This tyre  can also be used by the  serious Adventure...
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