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Mitas EF 07 Yellow Band and Mitas Mousse

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​The Ultimate Combination

EF07 Yellow Band and Mitas Mousse

The EF07 yellow band is Mitas's race enduro tyre as opposed to the Special Light and Super Soft EF07 designed for hard fast riding over a variety of terrain and special tests.
  • A modern type of rear type tread pattern for Enduro FIM races.
  • Suitable for wide range of terrains.
  • Very good grip properties and very low abrasion even in hard terrain.

Road Legal: Yes

FIM Approved: Yes

Mitas mousses have been specifically developed for the new Terra Force MX/EF/EH and other Mitas tyres in the range.

  • Standard for all terrain use
  • Soft for hard terrain
  • Extreme for ultra-hard types of terrain.
  • Guaranteed high performance combined with Mitas tyres
  • Tested by top competition riders in a variety of weather conditions and terrain
  • Ease of use for riders

Each Mousse comes complete with an instruction guide and a tube of special formula highly durable mousse lubricant which reduces friction between mousse and tyre which is important to keep operating temperatures low.

To ensure optimum rim/tyre/mousse fitment and consistent performance during the life of your mousse and tyre it is important to use the correct size mousses

Tyre manufacturers may measure their tyre at different points so it is important to fit a mousse which is the correct size and has been developed and tested for your tyre.

Mitas mousse has been developed in conjunction with Mitas sponsored and test riders. Numerous versions of the product were tested in combination with Mitas tyre on different terrains and in a variety of weather conditions. Mitas Mousse fits perfectly into Mitas branded motocross, enduro and extreme enduro tyres.

Mousse are notoriously difficult to fit but don’t be tempted to fit a smaller sized mousse because in the end this can prematurely destroy the mousse and the tyre.

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