T-Lock Concept

Eliminate Flats

In Motocross racing, Enduro competition and sometimes trail riding it is preferable to have a lower pressure in the tyres than the recommended pressure for normal road usage. With a low pressure in the tyre the tyre and the tube are vulnerable to impacts and other kinds of damage. The low pressure causes the tyre to slip on the rim. Furthermore the low pressure can cause the tube to be squeezed between the tyre and the rim edge, this causes punctures to the tube and might make the tyre come off the rim. In racing it's obviously preferable to be able to finish the race even after pressure is lost in the tyre, with the T-Lock concept this is now possible even without pressure in the tyre.

The Solution: T-Lock Concept

T-Lock Concept is a rubber device which replaces the tube inside the wheel. T-Lock Concept consists of a rubber device (T-Lock), tube, sealing fluid, and a needle-valve. T-Lock is mounted together with the tube as a single unit into the rim ditch. Afterwards the tyre is mounted onto the rim with sealing fluid inside. The T-Lock tube is pressurized which causes T-Lock to squeeze the tyre beads towards the inside of the rim edges. T-Lock's sealing lips will seal the area between the tyre and T-Lock. The needle-valve is inserted through the tyre and then the tyre is pressurized through the needle-valve. The needle is then removed from the tyre and the sealing fluid will seal the hole caused by it.

T-Lock has 3 sealing lips on each side the function of these is to prevent air from leaking out. It's important that these are both intact and clean (be cautious when you are using tyre levers during the assembly of T-Lock).

A high pressure within the T-Lock tube is recommended for two reasons:

Tyre locking function: To create a high level of friction between the tyre and the rim so that the tyre does not slip against the rim. For this reason it is very important that the tyre beads and the rim edges are both clean and dry.

Sealing functionality: It is important that the inside of the tyre is intact and clean, therefore you should not use a tyre which has previously been used with a traditional rim-lock and tube setup.

T-Lock seal seals the hole created by the needle-valve and helps the T-Lock sealing lips to seal against the inside of the tyre. The fluid also prevents air from leaking out through the tyre. Tyres aren't made to be completely air-tight as they are made to be mounted together with a tube. T-Lock seal can even seal up minor damages to the tyre which can happen during driving. It is also important to mount the caps over the hole(s) in the rim after the old rim lock etc. If this would not be done the T-Lock tube would expand outwards through the hole(s) due to the high pressure which would cause a puncture to the T-Lock tube.