EF07 Super Soft (Double Green)


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The absolute ultimate Extreme Enduro FIM Tyre. This tyre is the latest edition in the Mitas Extreme Enduro range, the Super Soft, distinguishable from the normal Extreme Tyre by the double green bands around its circumference. Ultimate grip is offered in the most extreme conditions, the tyre is Super Soft and not designed for high speed racing. Erzburg, Romaniacs, Roof of Africa, all of the super hard events where skilful use of throttle is required as opposed to wheel spinning.

Road Legal: No

FIM Approved: Yes

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Weight 3 kg
EF-07 Double Green


2 reviews for EF07 Super Soft (Double Green)

  1. T Blackwell

    Best extreme tyre by far. Only lasted 2 races Tong and Tough ones little brother.

  2. Paul Philp

    Great tyre, softer than a trials tyre so brilliant on rock and roots, good wearing on my TM 144 as well, superb value

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