Frequently Asked Questions

How do the tyre sizes compare with other manufacturers.

Trelleborg motorcycle tyres are produced in standard inch sizes and in metric sizes in compliance with ISO standards. The principle of size designation is shown in the picture, other manufacturers including Mitas, Michelin, Pirelli use metric designation according to ETRTO standards.

The difference between the two systems is that the ISO designation is the width of the sidewall (SW), while the ETRTO designation states this width as the width of the overall Tread pattern (OW). The following conversion table can be used as a rough calculation:

ISO Designation

  • Trelleborg
  • 80/100-21
  • 110/100-18
  • 120/90-18
  • 100/100-19
  • 110/90-19
  • 120/90-19

Etrto Designation

  • Mitas, Michelin
  • 90/90-21
  • 120/90-18
  • 140/80-18
  • 110/90-19
  • 120/80-19
  • 130/80-19

What colour band should I ask for?

Yellow Band: Tyres for Enduro FIM. These include T-913 Super Enduro, T-915 Super Tenduro (both for rear wheels) and T-914 Maxi Grip and T-994 Mega Grip (both for the front wheels) of Enduro competition motorcycles.

Red Band: Tyres for use in Motocross. These include T-454 Track Master, T-754 Ten Master, T-946 Super Master (for rear wheels) and T-434 Rocky Grip, T-914 Maxi Grip and T-944 Mega Grip (for front wheels) of the Motocross bike.

White Band: Tyres for very demanding winter conditions. The robust construction and the use of compounds resistant to extremely low temperatures allow special alloy spikes to be mounted into the tyres. These tyres are then used on snow and ice. The pointing is carried out using special equipment, and the process requires considerable experience. Pointing can be used with treads T-434, T 444, and T-994 (for front wheels) and T-244, T-454 and T-744 (for rear wheels). The tyres are made from the special compound, WINTER FRICTION.

Green Band: Tyres with a lighter ply rating suitable for Motocross and Enduro competitions. For these tyres Trelleborg competition inner tubes or Mousses are strongly recommended.