Adventure Bike Tyres

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Mitas Adventure bike tyres are a combination of Off Road and On Road Motorcycle tyres offering superb traction over a wide range of road and off-road surfaces.

Mitas Adventure/Trail tyres offer a choice of patterns to suit the most challenging of terrains, Mitas E-09, E13, E12 are the more aggressive to the much more road orientated Terraforce R or the MC24 and Mitas offer everything in between. All these adventure bike tyres are extremely versatile, tested over the harshest and extreme of conditions resulting in a pattern of tyre to suit all riders and Adventure rides.


Mitas Adventure/Trail, On Road/Off Road tyres are optimised for different purposes depending on the journey intended. In general, the more aggressive a tread pattern may offer lower mileage but better grip in the more adverse conditions. The more road-oriented tyre will give a smoother, quieter ride with increased mileage performance.

20 years ago, when Adventure bikes were in their infancy Adventure bike tyre choice was limited to road legal motocross tyres that were made for serious competition or standard road tyres that offered almost zero grip in an off road environment. Today the choice of Adventure/Trail tyres is almost limitless.


There is no tyre which will do everything required and it’s always going to be a compromise. Tyres like the E-10 are designed to be 70% unpaved roads and 30% paved roads, while the E09 is 80% unpaved and 20% paved. The Terraforce R is designed to be 90% paved and 10% unpaved but if, like most Adventure bike riders, 99% of your miles are on the road, then you don’t really need a tyre with knobbly bits on them, even though they do look cool.