Motocross Tyres

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If you want purely off-road motorcycle tyres Mitas has the widest choice for any terrain. These specialist tyres are designed for the most extreme of conditions from deep mud to hard packed rocky ground, wet and slippery stream beds to steep uphill climbs.

Whether you are a serious Motocross competitor or a dirt bike rider who likes to occasionally try a MX track. Mitas Motocross tyres have you covered.

A top-level racer will either

  • be sponsored and offered tyres for every track
  • be limited to a specific tyre they can run
  • be competent and fast on any tyre.


NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE Keep in mind that if you’re fitting MX tyres to an MX bike, the chances are they’re not road legal. They will have NHS stamped on the side, which means ‘NOT HIGHWAY SUITABLE’. There are road-legal motocross tyres so if you want a knobbly road-legal tyre for your dirt bike make sure you select a homologated tyre.

Some of the serious off-road tyres are homologated for road use but others are clearly marked NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE (NHS) always ensure you select the correct tyre for your application.


A common mistake people make is choosing the correct compound. Motocross tyres are generally classified as Hard, Medium, or Soft. This refers to the terrain, in other words the conditions on the ground, not the compound of the tyre. A Soft Terrain tyre is a tyre for soft surfaces. The compound is at the hard end of the scale.

So, if you’re riding on rocky terrain, you’ll want a Hard Terrain tyre as this will have the softest compound and will see you climbing up rocks like a mountain goat.