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The E07+ is to be re-named the Enduro Trail+ as stocks diminish replacement will be named the Enduro Trail+. Same exceptional quality new name.

If you do not see your size here check the Enduro Trail +



An improved version of a highly popular E-07 the E-07+ has been developed especially for big trail motorcycles with a goal to ensure both tyres and  motorcycle work together.

The modified tread pattern means the tyre delivers an overall improved off- and on-road riding performance.

A bigger knobby design provides a plenty of open space between the tread blocks to displace sand, mud and water from the contact patch while keeping enough rubber in contact with the road as the tyres rotate.

A much more modern tyre, a rounder profile offering much greater lean angles for faster cornering on all road surfaces.

The larger block pattern of the E07+ provides greater heat transfer at higher speed on road whilst the wide spacing between the blocks offers much better clearence of mud and sand during off road use. Regular users of the old pattern E-07 will also notice a much quieter ride.

Mileage levels have decreased slightly by about 10% but the tyre still offers fantastic durability on a wide range of terrain.

A modified tread pattern gives this 50/50 tyre durability and great adhesion on all types of terrain as well as on wet surface.

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110/80-19 TL, 120/70-19 Dakar, 120/70-19 TL, 120/80-18, 130/80-17, 140/80-17 TL, 140/90-17 TL, 150/70-17 Dakar TL, 150/70-17 TL, 150/70-18 Dakar TL, 150/70-18 TL, 170/60-17 Dakar, 170/60-17 TL, 90/90-21 Dakar Yellow Band, 90/90-21 TL

2 reviews for Mitas E07+

  1. Richard Edwards

    Selected Mitas 07 tyres for my Trans Am trip from Deadhorse to Ushuaia on my GS1200 LC Adventure. The tyres have been superb. Currently in Northern Peru and the front Mitas 07 has done 11500 miles on loaded GS through gravel mud and tarmac…the rears are averaging 7500 miles .The tyres are very good in the dry with full lean possible and excellent in the wet compared to other dual purpose tyres. In mud and gravel they have great directional stability . My only worry is sourcing a set in Santiago Chile to finish my trip

  2. Glen Patrick

    Just back from a trip to Morocco where I have done over a thousand miles on a worn pair of these tyres on a rented BMW1250GS (Courtesy of Wheels of Morocco), and have been really impressed by the E-07+ performance on tarmac, loose gravel roads and a little bit of the Sahara’s sand. I run a 1250GSA here in the UK on which I’ve done over 6,000 miles on the OEM Bridgestones which are noisy and I find a little vague at the front so when faced with a rental 1250GS fitted with worn “dual sport tyres” I was expecting the worse. I could not have been more wrong, these Mitas E-07+ performed excellently at all times and made the Atlas Passes great fun, inspiring some reasonably “spirited” riding at times. They were so good I have already fitted them to one of my other bikes here in the UK and will be short listing them for my GSA.

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