Mitas H-11

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Tread pattern for the rear wheels of motorcycles. Stable behaviour in all riding conditions. Precision
handling and optimum wet and dry grip.


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1 review for Mitas H-11

  1. Leslie Spanswick

    I own a 1981Yamaha XS650SE which has a 16-inch alloy rear wheel which isn’t suitable for tubeless tyres. Some later models have wheels that are suitable for tubeless tyres and they say so on one of the spokes. Also finding tubeless tyres for these is not a problem. However, finding tube type rear tyres is. So the only safe option I had last time was to fit a tubeless tyre with a tube, which isn’t ideal. You lose the benefits of a tubeless tyre and gain a big headache if you try to change one at home without the right equipment.
    This time I found two tube type choices. The first was Avon’s classic Safety Mileage 400-18, which on a custom I thought looked just plain wrong. Also some years ago I fitted one to a BSA 650 Thunderbolt when I was hard up and regretted it. It was by chance I came across the Mitas 2019 On-road brochure while searching the internet and finding the H-11. It looked great, was made in Europe, cost a lot less than the Avon and the importers were very helpful: so I ordered one.
    My previous tyre was a Pirelli: I prefer the feel of the Mitas, especially on rural roads with poorer surfaces and dodgy cambers. It’s important to me that a tyre grips well in the wet. The H-11 hasn’t let me down. I bought another just in case Mitas stop making the H-11. They say it’s not a big seller. Yet there must be thousands of XS650 Special and US Custom models both sides of the pond still on the road. Maybe Mitas need to bang their drum just a little bit louder.

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