Heavy Duty Inner Tubes


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Tubes are made of butyl compound and are packed in individual boxes

Ultra Heavy Duty tubes are made of natural rubber and are packed in individual boxes

Thickness MM
Normal 1.2-1.4 mm
Heavy Duty 1.9-2.0 mm
Ultra Heavy Duty 4 mm

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120/90,130/80,140/80,100/100,110/100-18 ULTRA HEAVY DUTY TUBE, 400 110/90 160/60-17 HEAVY DUTY TUBE TR6, 400/450/150/70-18 TUBE HEAVY DUTY TR6, 60/100 225/250-14 Heavy Duty Tube TR6, 80/100 300/325-12 (70/100/3.00/3.25-12) HEAVY DUTY TUBE TR6, 80/100-21,90/90-21(80/90-21,90/100-21, HEAVY DUTY TUBE TR6, 90/100-16 HEAVY DUTY TUBE TR6, 90/90, 90/100, 80/100-21 ULTRA HEAVY DUTY TUBE TR6, MT 250/275/300-10 HEAVY DUTY TUBE TR4, MT 80/100, 300/325-12 Heavy Duty Tube, MT 90/100 360/410-14 HEAVY DUTY TUBE TR6


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