Mitas MC50 Sport


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MC 50 Sport Tyre 

  •  Optimum contact patch at maximum lean angles
  •  Maximum grip in all weather conditions
  •  best balanced lifetime

Mitas have combined a vast wealth of racing experience into this new on-road Sport Tyre. This fantastic modern tyre offers maximum grip even at maximum lean angles in all weather conditions. These MC 50 Sports tyres are classified as high speed bias ply tyres.

The final goal in developing the compounds was to ensure maximum grip in all weather conditions and the best balanced lifetime. The MC 50 incorporates modern new materials such as the recently develpooped S-SBR elastomers and highly active fillers combined with special small chemicals.

Speed Rating

H 210 km per hour

S 180 km per hour

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100/80-17 H, 100/90-17 S, 100/90-18 H, 100/90-19 H, 110/70-17, 110/70-17 H, 110/80-17 H, 120/90-18 H, 130/70-17, 130/70-17 H, 130/80-17, 130/80-17 H, 140/70-17, 140/70-17 H, 140/80-17 H, 80/100-17, 80/100-17 S


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